Support Tips For Morgellons Disease

People who suffer from Morgellons commonly are afflicted by a myriad of signs and symptoms of the disease.  If suffering from unhealing skin sores, sudden memory loss, brain fog, crippling fatigue wasn’t enough; finding support truly compounds the illness. For the people who suffer from this disease the lack of support and resources from the medical health community and even family is indescribable.

The CDC and the medical community as a whole has not formally recognized or legitimized this syndrome at the present moment. This makes any type of support which can be found vital for sufferers of Morgellons disease.

Morgellons Support

This neglect makes the help and support of family and friends very important for Morgellons patients. In conjunction with family and friends communicate with other Morgellons Sufferers if possible; it can be of great help to deal with and understand the disease more.  Even though most cases of Morgellons have been reported in the United States such as Florida and California, people with the disease can be located throughout the world.

Online resources have grown significantly over the years. Sufferers from around the world regulate post their experiences with the disease on blogs and discussion boards such as “Morgellons disease research” in order to connect with other individuals struggling with the same disease.

Even though the majority in the medical community won’t treat Morgellons as a real disease there is a small and growing group of physicians who believe the illness is a legitimate condition and is willing to work with people. They can be found on the Internet or through word-of-mouth, however be very careful because there are lots of scammers in particular on the Internet who are looking for nothing more to make a buck off of the sick.

While seeking medical help also be open to help for other known health conditions that produce similar symptoms. Remember it’s possible you have Morgellons in conjunction with other conditions which are perfectly treatable by the vast majority of doctors. Even a small amount of relief can be very helpful in the long run physically and mentally. A good example of this would be the depression and extreme fatigue which are often reported; there is various therapies which can help alleviate these symptoms.

It is probably a good idea to seek professional support from a trusted therapist/counselor. Dealing with an overwhelming disease such as Morgellons places an extreme amount of stress on everyone including family and friends. A licensed professional is trained to help patients with these exact problems.

These are merely some tips gathered around from the Internet and conversation with Sufferers. I am not a doctor and this is not a medical health website. Best advice I can give you if you are truly sick with any disease is to seek out professional medical help.

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