Morgellons disease also known as simply “Morgellons” is a medical condition where the infected has the sensation of something creeping underneath their skin and the feeling of being bitten. To skeptics this is known as formication however to Morgellons patients this skin disease is very real and not a figment of their imagination or any kind a result of drug/alcohol abuse.

Besides the sensations underneath their skin, the inflicted will suffer from persistent itchy sores and rashes all over the skin and from time to time develop multicolored (blue, black or red) fiber like protrusions within their sores and the surrounding skin.

This affliction was first recognized in 2002 when Mary Leitao, a concerned mother happened to notice several signs and symptoms in her little boy at the time. He had various sores and rashes and complained of being tormented by what he called bugs throughout his skin. He was examined by multiple doctors and were not able to find anything conclusively wrong with them.


Ms. Leitao continued to be insistent that there was something wrong with her little child and went on to establish the Morgellons research foundation in 2002 which is now closed down for a number of reasons. It is theorized by some that Morgellons is derived from an ailment described in a work by Sir Thomas Browne in the late 17th century.

The Centers for Disease Control began to investigate Morgellons in January 2008 and is still researching the condition. They examined biopsies and blood samples from over 100 individuals who reported to be affected by the illness.

The Mayo Clinic also examined over 108 individuals and published the final results in the Archives of Dermatology in the year 2011. Neither the Center for disease control nor the Mayo Clinic identified any distinct infections and / or geographical causes that would lead to the signs and symptoms of Morgellons disease. The CDC has named the illness an “unexplained dermopathy.” Due to this, individuals with Morgellons have been forced to make their very own diagnosis of the sickness based on their own personal characteristics and symptoms.

In addition to lesions on the skin, they also are afflicted by aches and pains within their muscles, knees and lower back, tendons and ligaments. They also suffer from an exhaustion which is so debilitating that it often interferes with day-to-day life. They also experience derangements in their emotional and cognitive functioning. Many of these signs of illness are also present with regard to fibromyalgia; however there aren’t fibromyalgia’s tender points with Morgellons patients.

The signs and symptoms furthermore are similar to chronic fatigue syndrome, depressive disorders and other maladies. A number of healthcare professionals believe that the fibers are textiles which come from the patients’ very own clothing as they try to scratch and gouge out the source of the infestation within their skin. Others are convinced that the fibers could be nerve endings or the legs of mites. Others believe the fibers are the byproducts of a bacterium that attacks plants, or that they’re something which the body is producing on its own.

Other healthcare professionals pin the blame on pesticides and various other toxins on the symptoms endured by the patients. There are dermatologists who, when dealing with a patient with Morgellons, believe the affected person is delusional and treat them with antipsychotic drugs such as pimozide. This drug also treats the patient’s symptom of itching.  Some other doctors use the same antibiotic treatments that are used to treat chronic Lyme disease with Morgellons patients.

A number of sufferers, confronted with the disbelief of physician after physician and no medical health insurance, turn to hazardous methods to cure themselves of Morgellons. Some examples are dosing themselves with bleach or industrial strength insecticides, or ingesting solutions intended to deworm large animals.

  • Adults and Children are equally afflicted by the illness.
  • Individuals within households can experience signs and symptoms of the sickness whilst other members are not affected.  So it’s not known if the disease is infectious and / or inherited.

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  1. I would like to thank “Binky” for a very informative possible answer to this strange phenomena …. Morgellons has baffled me since I first heard of it …. I certainly do not subscribe to the explanation of the fibers being from the patients clothing entering the lesions by scratching …. If this were the case the different colors of the fibers would be nearly endless ….. but they seem to be either black , red , or blue …. my question is this : If this is a parasitic mold (motile hyphae) , then why did it take so long to appear ? …. According to Charlie Blue’s comment , I would be led to believe that the fibers are a result of GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) . In other words , some organizations approving food additives that would cause an accidental genetic mutation causing the colored fibers and the lesions ….. However , I still have another question : Why does it only materialize in such a small percentage of the populace ? ….. I am quite confused and very interested in this mysterious affliction …. I will frequent this site to search for alternative explanations from anyone …… Personally , I do not discount the idea that the syndrome may be extra terrestrial in origin ….. what do you think ?

  2. If you had a scabies infection, Lice, a spider bite or even other insects carry these infections. It’s not just ticks so it’s become harder to protect yourself from infection.

    A lot of people are working outside the meddical system because the antibiotics that doctors use don’t cure and cause a lot of suffering in the process.
    Borrelia becomes much more virulent in the presence of Bartonella which is more common than Borrelia. The most aware doctors think Borrelia should be considered a coinfetion to Bart.

    Agrobacterium is used extensively to modify our food supply. The closest relative to Agrobacterium Is Bartonella bacteria. They share genes and abilities. Bartonella is intracellular so evades the immune system that way as well as releasing chemicals to shut down immunity. Agrobacterium is so like Bartonella it should be considered a Bartonella like organism.

    Agrobacterium has the ability to readily change your DNA and is an opportunistic infection. The mutant DNA from agrobacterium is most likely responsible for Lyme disease developing into morgellons disease. Morgellons is linked to Lyme.

    Since there is not much real research going on and after reading huge amounts of material Morgellons is likely to be a “Chronic lyme” infection with agrobacterium as a “co-infection”. This wasn’t caused by the government being evil it was cause by the government being incompetent.

  3. I have been suffering for over a year. I found that the herb NEEM pronounced NM They can be found at any health food store. I used the capsules of crushed leaves from the tree. It also comes in oil . I take one capsule in the morning with food. 425mlg. In two weeks the problem is gone. I have been to our emergency room, walk in clinic and dermatologist. No one helped with this. But, this herb from the neem tree from India works. 4,000 years of curing .

  4. Australia has taken this condition/disease more seriously than anyone in the United States. Australia has found that MD is from Lyme disease. Cattle have a disease, diagnosed in 1974, that has same symptoms as MD, with microscopic fibers. The cattle disease is from spirochetes, just like Lymes.
    It is unfortunate that the medical and scientific community in the U.S. contribute anything new(new in their eyes) as psychosomatic. Sad. No wonder the pooulation of the U.S. is unhealthy. Thank goidness other countries are more advanced in some areas than the U.S. but the attitude of medicine and science in the U.S. is one of arrogance and only the U.S. can get and has answers for everything. Sad.. people are suffering from a real condition. Even dogs and cats have MD.

  5. Also, the study the CDC did was not a good, solid study. The CDC should be ashamed, they can do better. The CDCstudy was sloppy, and used subjects that were questionable.
    To tell someone it is all in their head is malpractice, and why the scrud are doctors in medicine if they do not listen to the patient.
    Very disappointing, CDC.

  6. These are very small bugs. They jump or fly to other people.No cure yet. They are attracted to breath. much smaller than scabies.

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